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ZACON France


In addition to business factors, successful management also takes into account geostrategic and economic contexts. Changing parameters that are marked by political and economic transformations as well as structural shifts require top managers to produce solutions to cope with complex and highly dynamic change processes and their timely implementation.

The seminars organized by ZACON France provide top management with the tools to master those change processes and discover new perspectives and possible courses of action, thus enabling the company to prosper.

Seminar June 2019 - Looking Back


The 2019 High Level Seminar focused on the current development perspectives of the European Union in the context of Brexit and the elections for the European Parliament as well as in connection with risks in foreign and economic policy. Furthermore, we dealt with digital disruption in the insurance industry and in the world of public media.

Seminar Juin 2018


The 2018 High Level Seminar focused on the dynamic momentum of geopolitical developments.  The range covered extended from Russia as a strategic actor on the world stage to the role played by Germany’s current government.

Seminar May 2017

In May 2017, the high-level seminar for executives offered by Zacon France encompassed the following topics:


Impressions of the seminar location.

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