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ZACON France


Seminar May 2017


Just like 2017 brought about some unexpected events, the coming years will also be marked by political, economic, and structural change processes.


Executives will be able to master those new challenges with updated know-how and a better understanding of such processes. Zacon France’s high-level seminars offer state-of-the-art knowledge transfer needed to equip company executives with the 360-degree view required nowadays.


In May 2017, the high-level seminar for executives offered by Zacon France encompassed the following topics:
France has voted - what are the consequences for Europe?


Prof. Joachim Bitterlich
Joachim Bitterlich is a professor at ESCP Europe Business School. He was an advisor to Helmut Kohl in European, foreign and security matters, as well as head of the European Division and head of the International Relations Division of the German Federal Chancellery.

The development of security aspects as a decisive factor in the development of Europe as a business location


Brigadier Gustav E. Gustenau
Brigadier General Gustenau is the deputy head of Security Policy in the Austrian Department of Defense and liaison officer to the National Security Council.  Core competences: strategic environmental analysis, general government risk assessment, and strategic planning processes. Material issues: What environmental factors determine the development of security matters in Europe, what is their systemic relevance, how do they influence each other, and what are their underlying dynamics of change? How resilient is Europe in view of noticeable fault lines and disruptive developments?

Populism and the loss of social cohesion


Clemens Martin Auer
Clemens Martin Auer is head of the Presidential Section in the Austrian Health Department and is regarded as one of the foremost Austrian experts in the field of health economics and social policy. Prior to that, he served as political director of the Austrian People’s Party and was one of the main contributors to their current political program.

Germany at a turning point, Europe at a fork in the road?


Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schlie
Ulrich Schlie is a professor of practice at Tufts University and Chair of Diplomacy at Andrássy University in Budapest. From 2005 to 2014, he was head of the planning staff and political director in the German Defense Department in Berlin.

Digital Trends and their impact on our lives


Alisa Türck
Alisa Türck is the managing director of the German advertising agency pilot based in Hamburg with an annual budget of more than 600 million euros. Her responsibilities there include primarily the entire digital business, digital strategy, and the field of innovation as well as creative development.

Material issues: artificial intelligence, robots, automation, connected devices, social networks, blockchain - everybody is affected by digitization.

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